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Scratch That

Photo Courtesy: Google

Photo Courtesy: Google

Nine and half months. That’s how long it’s been since I posted here. Sometimes life takes you on an unexpected journey. Scratch that. Life is an unexpected journey. You never quite know what will pop up. There are constant potholes in the road but you just have to learn how to drive around them. Cliché, huh?

I wish that I could say the reason I’ve neglected my blog is because I was traveling the world headlining a book tour, eating exotic foods and living the life of a best-selling author. I wish. But, alas, I’ve just been living life, unsuccessfully driving around potholes. Potholes galore. Way more than I can handle. See, you knew that cliché was going to come into play here somewhere, didn’t you?

I won’t make excuses about being inattentive to my writing. All writers have life issues and they still manage to write through them. Since I’m not perfect, I can honestly say, I become easily distracted by

Photo Courtesy: RGBStock/lusi

Photo Courtesy: RGBStock/lusi

my problems and therefore, my writing becomes somewhat secondary. But I recognize that there is a problem. That’s half the battle, I suppose. Recognizing the problem.

And although I haven’t been writing on a regular schedule lately, my characters have still been acting out their discord within my head. They never seem to go away which is such a wonderful thing for a writer. Sometimes they roar too loudly. Sometimes they whisper and I have to strain to figure out what they’re saying. But as long as there is something there, that’s all that matters. Because when their voices go mute, that’s when I really have something to worry about.

Have you ever taken an extended hiatus from writing because life threw you some curve balls? Or are you able to push through any crisis and write your heart out?

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Please Allow Me To Re-Introduce Myself

PAMTRM_Badge copyI’m participating in the Please Allow Me To Re-Introduce Myself blogfest today hosted by Stephen Tremp, Carolyn Brown, Mark Koopmans and Elise Fallson. Basically you share something about yourself, no matter the subject, with your viewing audience. So I get to bore apprise you of a detail that you may or may not already know about me. So sit back, grab your lattes and biscotti and try not to yawn.

One day when I was in the first grade, I wrote my thought of the day, as the class was often asked to do. We could even draw a picture to go along with our piece. As my teacher, Ms. Hutchinson, came around our desks checking out our work, she seemed to be really interested in my paper.

Sometime afterwards, Ms. Hutchinson, took me down to the office and as six-year-old, I was terrified. Since I was always an obedient child, I kept going over in my mind what I could have possibly done to warrant a trip to see the principal.

Anxiety turned to delight as the principal and my teacher bestowed praise upon me and presented me with a certificate of merit for the piece I had written. From what I remember, it was only two or three short sentences and pertained to God’s love but I guess they couldn’t believe someone my age could convey such thoughts.

I was excited that I had received the award, but I was more amazed at their reactions to what I had written. I had moved them and that’s when I knew I loved writing. That was my aha moment.

Don’t forget to check out Stephen‘s, Carolyn‘s, Mark‘s and Elise‘s blogs to find others participating in the blogfest. It’s a great way to meet other bloggers!

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I Bid You A Most Anxious Adieu

I could write a post about how horrible 2012 has been to me and my immediate family. Oh the stuff I could tell you about how our lives have been riding on a Friday-the-13th-like-existence since February straight through to the now impending fiscal cliff. Yeah, it’s been that bad. From a loss of one kind to another loss of a different kind to yet another loss and all the mental anguish to go with it, our family has been through it.

And even as I write this, not knowing what the future holds, I’m trying to look on the bright side. I know it seems impossible but the next year has to be better than this one, doesn’t it? There is no way we could survive another year-long downward spiral. There has to be an upside to all of this.

And yet, every day I’ll read a story of someone else’s Continue reading

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Psst…I’m Still Here

I have been really neglectful of my bog these last few weeks and I didn’t want you guys to think that I have abandoned my ship, so to speak. I knew as the holidays approached, my mind would lose a little focus. Hey, with a family like mine, you would lose focus too.

One of my favorite quotes!

I’ve actually been doing a lot of reading, which is a good thing. Writing…not so much. I’ve worked on my WIP a little, with promises each day to myself to devote more time to my baby. I guess after the day officially goes from twenty-four to Continue reading

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A Cover Is Not Always What It Seems

Picture courtesy of Amazon

The other day while flipping channels, I came across one of my all-time favorite movies, Forrest Gump. I’ve seen it a gazillion numerous times. And no, I’ve never read the book for which the movie is based for fear it would *air quotes* taint *air quotes* my endearment for the film.

Anyway, using the movie as an excuse not to write (don’t judge me), I snuggled down in the comfort of my bed for the next several hours losing myself in the world of Forrest and his adventures, laughing and crying all the way.

Afterwards, I thought about the reasons why I loved the movie so much. I mean, was it the way Forrest is placed into various historical events over several decades and, in some instances, unwittingly influences the outcomes of the events? I mean, Nixon and the Watergate one makes me howl with laughter every time. Could it be his heroic stance in the Vietnam War where, in his effort to save his friend, Bubba’s life, he pulls most of the men from his platoon to safety without regard to his own life? Or is it the way Forrest earnestly narrates his life’s story on a public bench to a rotating line-up of waiting bus patrons? Maybe Continue reading

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