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Besides, I Know You’re Santa Claus Anyways

“Besides, I know you’re Santa Claus anyways.” I froze, my heart dropped and knots wreaked havoc on my stomach as those words fell from my son’s lips. O.M.G. The holiday moment I had most feared had finally come true.

My husband and I had been discussing my son’s possible waning belief in Old St. Nick since he was rounding the corner to the age of ten. According to my husband, he already knew at that age how the stockings got stuffed and where the gifts magically appeared from. He insisted it was just a matter of time before my baby boy no longer lit up when mentioning the jolly old guy in the red suit.

Santa ClausNo more Wish Lists to Santa. No more threats Continue reading

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A Corn-Dog-with-a-Bucket O’ Fries Kinda Affair

“Yay, we’re going to the fair!”  Those infamous words are spoken by many kids, young and old, throughout the country year in and year out.

That exact quote was uttered by my nine-and six-year old last weekend when they found out we were heading to one of our county’s most endeared attractions.  I had to admit, I was excited as well.

After my hubby shelled out twenty-one bucks for parking and admission (yikes!), we had the pleasure of parking in a mud pit thanks to the endless rains our area had endured for weeks.  My son thought we were walking through horse manure instead of mud to get to the midway.  “Not quite,” I assured him, although I wasn’t too convinced myself. Continue reading

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Everything Is Coming Up Apples and Oranges

Why can’t I get a little praise and gratitude over here? I mean, come on, I think I deserve a little recognition…just a little. I’ll take a corner, a crumb, or even a small dot the size of an ant if that’s all that’s available. Just give me something.

But noooo! When my hubby aka Daddy is around, I gets no love. Nothing! Nada! Zilch! My kids, I believe, see right through me when in the presence of the almighty Da Da. Yes,

The green-eyed monster

it’s hard to believe a seven- and five-year-old would be so cruel, but it’s true.

I wash their clothes, Continue reading

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When Your Last Starts Their Firsts

In a few short weeks my youngest will be heading off to kindergarten. Since my oldest went through this same scenario two years ago, you would think I would be “ok”. Well, I’m not. When my son went off to kindergarten I was excited that he was starting school and another part of his life. But with my daughter’s upcoming departure, there is something that lurks beneath the surface of my heart.

I can’t quite put my finger on my feelings. Deep down I know that I’m probably just being selfish. She is my baby…the last one I will ever have.  She is the youngest of our family of four. She is the last child I will carry in my womb. She is the last one I will ever breastfeed. The last one I will potty train. Ok, I know that she is five and that I have known all of those aforementioned proclamations for quite some time, but it’s like it’s the end of an era.

All mothers go through this, right? You know, when your last starts their firsts. After this go-around, there will be no more firsts. Your youngest child’s firsts are essentially your lasts.

And, yes, I know there will be other milestones that I will probably feel this same way, but for now, let me get my first tears in. Ok?

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Uh…I Don’t Think So!

So there my husband and I were enjoying the ambiance on a Friday night.  They were playing pretty decent music and we were just happy to get out and enjoy ourselves.

Then reality struck.  We were actually at my seven-year-old son’s elementary school Spring Dance.  The bewitching hour was from 6pm to 7pm for kindergartners, first-graders and second-graders. Admittance for each student was $1 while parents were free.

The cafeteria’s usual set-up had been transformed into a hodge-podge of chairs pushed against walls for anyone who wanted to sit, leaving a wide open “circle” for the little ones to get their groove on.  There was a deejay and a table where drinks and snacks were being sold.

Watching the kids dance, I must say, was pretty hilarious.  A lot of them were in their own little world twisting their bodies in all different directions. Some were walking around watching others dance and then eventually Continue reading

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