The Book Abduction

This past Saturday I took a book back to the library that I literally had checked out six times to finish it. Each check-out is three weeks long and you’re only allowed to renew a book twice. That’s nine weeks and I couldn’t finish the damn thing! I had to turn it back in—relinquish it to the library, let them check it in, and then stalk the reshelving area so that I could check it out again and again…and yet again. So, yep, I held the book hostage for a total of eighteen weeks. I’m not proud but at least I didn’t incur any fines.

It’s not that the book was bad but for some reason I couldn’t push myself to just sit down and read it. It usually doesn’t take me that long to read a book. Not even if it’s bad. And I’m quite embarrassed to even admit it took me over four months to finish one. The author wasn’t someone I had read before and I had gotten it because it was a top-ranked suspense/thriller. How ironic—a suspense that wasn’t exactly keeping me suspended. I would get through a chapter, put the book down and get caught up with other things for a few days. Then I would remember that I still needed to read this book for which time was ticking towards the due date. I couldn’t even blame it on reading another book at the same time, which I sometimes do.

I could have easily given up but I was determined I was going to finish it. I wasn’t going to let it beat me. Plus I didn’t want all those previous renewals to have been for naught.

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I hit a good stride about midway to three-fourths through. Needless to say when I was finally finished, I was elated to drop that puppy in the return slot and walk away. Of course, I had no intentions of checking anything else out because I had already started reading a juicy romance, one of twelve books waiting in queue on my Kindle. It was a nice change from the intense thriller that I had committed my life to the last few months. Welp, (yes, I said welp) I couldn’t just walk away from the library without looking around. No harm in looking, right?

Wrong, wrong, wrong. I’m a book junkie. That means I can’t leave the library without something in my little navy blue canvas bag with Friends of FCPL printed on the front. Why else would I have ever purchased said bag?

Before I knew what was happening, I was skipping out the front door with three books, all by another author I wasn’t familiar with.

Three weeks, three books. Should be easy-peasy, right? Hopefully I won’t be writing another blog post of how I held these books captive.

Have you ever had trouble finishing a book, good or bad? Have you ever held a borrowed book prisoner?

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16 thoughts on “The Book Abduction

  1. I am so guilty of long-term abduction of library books that I’m surprised my local library doesn’t have a wanted poster of me in the lobby. My library reduced the amount of time you can keep the book out from 21 days to 14 days, however, I’ve been able to check a book out again up to 6 or 8 times.

    Recently this happened with a book that I was really enjoying, though it was outside of my preferred genres. It was hilarious and I loved how strong and slightly irreverent the heroine was. I just found it so hard to make time to read it. Oddly enough, I finished several e-books during the time I was holding that book hostage.

    • Reese, now I don’t feel so bad. 🙂 That’s a bummer your library reduced the check-out time though. I wonder how they came to the conclusion two weeks is enough time? I sure hope ours doesn’t go that route.

  2. I had a good laugh… 🙂 and we’ve all been there at some stage…

  3. Oh I’m with you and Reese on this one. The worse is the books I check out from the library via Kindle. I can start hording those, but there is a 21 day limit and you can only recheck those out if there’s not a waiting list. I just finished Bill Bryson’s Summer of 1927 (or something like that). It was a nonfiction, historical look at all the events that happened in 1927, including Lindberg’s flight, Babe Ruth, Al Capone and a few other stories. It was interesting but not riveting and even dry in places, but I was determined to finish. I did. Just barely. And I almost gave up at points.

  4. Julie, I’ve never checked out an ebook from our library before but I did recently inquire about how long the check-out time is. Anywhere from one to three weeks depending on the book. With my track record, I’m not sure if I want to take my chances with those yet. LOL!

  5. It’s been years since I got a book from the library. The last one I slogged through was almost a thousand pages and it took me forever. (Also supposed to be a thriller. What’s with unthrilling thrillers?) After that, I swore I’d never fight slowly through another one again.

  6. Reggie

    I read constantly. I absolutely love to read, I have since I was a child…..and I spend entirely too much money on books. My Nook usually has four or five books on it that I will read…just haven’t read yet.

    I’ve read some really big books and series of books before. I read Shelby Foote’s “Civil War” over the course of a summer once years ago. They’re still sitting on one of my book cases now. Each volume of that three volume set was about a thousand pages long. It seemed to take forever and a day to read all three of them. I like history though, so that read seemed to move along briskly. It did take a long long time to read all three though.

    Occasionally I will pick something that starts slow for me and I find myself reading it for a couple of weeks. But seldom do I read anything for more than two weeks. But I feel you. Sometimes books just don’t grab you initially. But often a book will start slow and I will find myself getting into it on day two or three and then it moves along rather quickly after that. But occasionally, I’ve picked a dog too. Even when I pick a dog, I always finish it. I take it as a personal challenge and I refuse to read anything else. Last year I ended up spending a month on a book……..but that book really sucked. Still, I finished it.

    • Yeah, those dogs can kill you, but as you said, you push through them because you don’t want them to get the best of you.

      I commend you for reading nonfiction. For some reason I can’t get into history, etc. I don’t know why. I’ve read some autobiographies but can’t into the other stuff.

      • Reggie

        It’s the “self help” stuff that I can’t do. That and the “I made a million dollars doing this” stuff that I just can’t stand to read. Whenever I did read that stuff in the past I kept thinking that you’re one in a million and that the other million people failed. I hate reading that stuff and understanding the reality of it……though I’m always happy for the author themself.

  7. Curious what the book was.

  8. Oh good I am not alone. How about the fact that sometimes I forget to take it back and I start to rack up fines until I do bring it back. Did you know there is a limit on how much you can have in fines before they won’t allow you to check books out. Hmm… maybe I shouldn’t admit I know that. At least you remember to take them in.
    I am really stinking at finding time to finish anything these days!! (Yeah okay. I am pretty late to this party.) This post just hit home!

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