Scratch That

Photo Courtesy: Google

Photo Courtesy: Google

Nine and half months. That’s how long it’s been since I posted here. Sometimes life takes you on an unexpected journey. Scratch that. Life is an unexpected journey. You never quite know what will pop up. There are constant potholes in the road but you just have to learn how to drive around them. Cliché, huh?

I wish that I could say the reason I’ve neglected my blog is because I was traveling the world headlining a book tour, eating exotic foods and living the life of a best-selling author. I wish. But, alas, I’ve just been living life, unsuccessfully driving around potholes. Potholes galore. Way more than I can handle. See, you knew that cliché was going to come into play here somewhere, didn’t you?

I won’t make excuses about being inattentive to my writing. All writers have life issues and they still manage to write through them. Since I’m not perfect, I can honestly say, I become easily distracted by

Photo Courtesy: RGBStock/lusi

Photo Courtesy: RGBStock/lusi

my problems and therefore, my writing becomes somewhat secondary. But I recognize that there is a problem. That’s half the battle, I suppose. Recognizing the problem.

And although I haven’t been writing on a regular schedule lately, my characters have still been acting out their discord within my head. They never seem to go away which is such a wonderful thing for a writer. Sometimes they roar too loudly. Sometimes they whisper and I have to strain to figure out what they’re saying. But as long as there is something there, that’s all that matters. Because when their voices go mute, that’s when I really have something to worry about.

Have you ever taken an extended hiatus from writing because life threw you some curve balls? Or are you able to push through any crisis and write your heart out?

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20 thoughts on “Scratch That

  1. Oh my, yes. In fact, my whole last year was a bit like that and writing, although surviving, was definitely not the priority of my emotional or spiritual focus. It was what life offered me though, and I hope the experiences allowed me to dig deeper and see life through more compassionate and sincere eyes. I hope to not waste the experience. So, potholes yes. Here’s to 2014 and our writing. Glad, so glad, to see you back.

  2. Hey Mel! Good to hear from you.
    I’ve taken planned breaks because sometimes those are needed.

  3. Hi Mel!
    Welcome back. A break is needed to recharge the batteries… hope you’re refreshed and ready to write up a storm!

  4. Yeah, we all need a break from time to time. Welcome back!

  5. Halleluiah!!!! Finally, you’re back! I’ve missed you and your blog. Next time, give us a warning when you’re taking a long, LONG, hiatus. Although, as we all know, life can knock us around and make us want to run and hide, so I understand your absence.

    Regarding potholes, it feels like I’m living in Pothole City. I’ve been ditching and dodging those things for far too long. I’m ready for some smooth sailing.

    Glad you’re back, girlfriend. 🙂

  6. Life has a way of, well, happening. It often ends up feeding our creative selves though, so it’s all good 🙂

  7. Melly Mel! So good to have you back. We missed you! I’ve had lots of times over the years that I’ve been blogging where I’ve gone MIA. Right now I’m finding it difficult to make time to finish my next book. So I definitely understand where you’re coming from.

  8. Welcome back! I hope you find time to get back into writing again. Your stories deserve to be told!

  9. So glad to see you back! Never apologize for life coming first – it absolutely and ALWAYS should! Life is good at throwing curve balls and sometimes we need to sit back from everything else and cope. Take care!!

  10. Reggie

    I’ve just started my first “extended hiatus” since I started blogging almost a decade ago. My “potholes” have been getting bigger and bigger and bigger……………….

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