What’s Your Genre Calling?

Libri_books2What made you choose the genre you write or vice versa? Did you fall in love with romance novels as a teenager? Did you see the latest sci-fi flick when you were a kid and get hooked? Perhaps Judy Blume‘s Forever steered you to pen YA novels? Or maybe you always had a hankering for solving mysteries and decided writing a crime thriller was better than becoming an actual private detective or working homicide? Better yet, maybe you like dealing in factual events and decided to lean towards non-fiction?

In this great big thing that we call the internet, I’ve connected with writers from all genre callings. I seem to always run into YA, fantasy and horror writers a lot. Not that that’s a bad thing in the least. I think we have a common bond as writers no matter what we write. We all go through hell or high-water with our writing and that makes us comrades in arms in my book.

Even though I like reading all types of genres, I, myself, find enjoyment in writing women’s contemporary fiction. Sometimes I’ll write about a sultry love story and sometimes my story ideas bend toward the opposite end of the spectrum, dealing with more serious matters that don’t have a thing to do with sensuality.

Then there’s a little part of me that delves into the darkness now and then. Not horror but stories that have little dark twists. I get excited when the reader thinks they have it all figured it out only to find out that nothing is as it seems. I’ve always gravitated toward stories like that. Oooo, I just got goosebumps! Sorry, I had a moment there! I’m thinking about pursuing publication of these stories under a pen name.

Ok, enough of me.

What’s your genre(s) calling? What pulled you in that writing direction? Has it changed since starting your writing journey? Do you ever dabble in a genre that you don’t normally write? 

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17 thoughts on “What’s Your Genre Calling?

  1. This is actually a topic very heavy on my mind. I spent last year writing an MS I’m not sure I’d ever pick up in a bookstore and read. I wrote it for a couple of reasons, and I don’t regret the time or learning process. Maybe the best result of the process was thinking about this very topic. I think –at least for now –I really prefer non-fiction. I’m not sure what that means for my writing or where that will lead, but I feel excited about my writing again. Very good post–thank you.

    • Julie, Julie, Julie. I feel you, believe me. I wrote this post in the hopes to find someone like myself who has grappled with what I should write. At every turn, I saw writers who were so steadfast of what they wanted to write and I was on the fence because I liked to write a few different genres. Everyone tells you that you need to build a brand and if you genre hop you will never be able to keep your readership. That’s why I’ve contemplated using a pseudonym for the “other” genre.

      I’m glad you feel excited about writing again. We should all be able to write what makes us feel good and not be forced into a box. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  2. This is a wonderful subject to explore. I was a huge Judy Blume fan and she is still one of my writing heroines. But the book that absolutely made me fall in love with great stories was Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. The book that made me want to become a storyteller was Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen.

    Both of those stories are anchored by strong heroines, and are filled with wit, romance, and family drama. So it isn’t surprising that those four elements are essential to every story I’ve penned since I started writing again a little more than seven years ago.

    As for my genre…originally I would have considered it chick lit. Then it was women’s fiction. While I still do consider what I write to be ultra sexy women’s fiction, I now realize that it also fits into the genre of Contemporary Romance.

    • Little Women was one of the first chapter books I owned and I can understand how it could inspire you to write your own stories.

      I really think there are so many sub-genres with women’s fiction that you can pretty take any direction. I definitely love the sultry stuff and can’t wait to read your book when it’s released.

  3. I would say that my favorite genres to write would be contemporary women’s lit and young adult literature. I love the paranormal/science fiction/horror genres. But I read whatever interests me, so my writing is the same way. But really I have learned to let the story dictate what it will be. I don’t want to be pigeonholed in one genre. I have never been one to follow a trend. I just write whatever comes to mind. Recently, I had been editing an old story that I have struggled with for many years. I was trying to make it contemporary women’s lit, but it just wasn’t working. Then I realized that it was historical fiction. The story and the characters were like misfits in a foreign land when I tried to make the time of the story in 2003.

    Great post!

    • Alexandra, I don’t want to be pigeonholed either that’s why I know I have to write whatever makes me happy. I know some writers do cross into other genres and publish under different names just keep their audiences separate. Thanks for stopping by.

      • Well, you could do different pen names. I know of one author, Eric Jerome Dickey,who doesn’t use different pen names and Walter Mosely used his own name when he delved into erotica, and he is a mystery writer. Both writers have made top ten on book lists. It’s just something to think about.

        • Yes, EJD definitely writes across genre lines which is one of the reasons he’s a true favorite of mine. I’m only familiar with Walter Mosley’s mysteries so I looked into his bibliography after reading your comment and even saw a few sci-fi titles listed to his credit, along with erotica.

          I guess I need to concentrate on actually getting something published, no matter the genre.

          • Yes, Mosley (misspelled his name last time) excels across all of those genres. I was also worried about genre and also the number of manuscripts other writers were completing and submitting, and I was feeling like I was behind in the publishing game because I didn’t have one manuscript completed!. I am with you about concentrating on getting something finished and published.

  4. Nas Dean

    I love reading Contempory Women’s Fiction.

    Loved the post, thanks for sharing!

  5. I write YA paranormal/horror, MG paranormal, YA sci-fi/fantasy, and YA romance. LOL. I go with whatever comes to me.

  6. The first “serious” book I read was Christine by Stephen King. This was in the sixth grade, and it was around this time that my cousins and I would get together at family events and tell ghost stories. I’ve loved the horror genre ever since, so horror will always be a part of my core.

    My interest in young adult came about from television dramas: Dawson’s Creek, Boston Public, etc. I thought it would be really neat to take those popular series to the page, find ways to incorporate characters young people could relate to. I hope to write a Soprano style series appropriate for young people. We like to talk about the problem about gangs and such, but I don’t think we devote enough time to working through fiction to snag the attention of young people to convey some potentially good lessons.

    Those are the two genres that speak to me, though I enjoy reading more diverse materials. V.C. Andrews fed my taste for dark fiction. I also enjoy fantasy of the Ice and Fire variety, but those types of genres seem so monumental. I don’t think I have the talent to make them work, so I look forward to reading your guys’ material when it comes out. Here’s to 2013, the year of publication!

    • I love reading and watching horror, but I don’t have the guts to write it. LOL!

      Your idea for a YA series sounds interesting! That would be great to get out there especially if you have a positive message.

  7. My first love is Women’s Fiction, but I also enjoy non-fiction inspirational. My writing journey is taking me on a crazy ride so I’m sure I’ll be jumping genres.

    Like you, I too like stories with a dark twist. I’m all for getting goosebumps. Although, I’m not into horror stories.

    Do you, girlfriend, and write whatever genres that float your boat.

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