“Eternal Tryst”

The first time I saw
You walk in, all else
Fell away from the room,
From this world.
I felt captivated and hopelessly meek.

Passion filled embraces followed
By erotically laced nights, and all else
Existed recklessly without regard,
Without devout caution.
We were mindlessly immersed in heat.

When you captured me into
Your sensual being, all else
Fell into place within my heart,
Within this realm.
I felt blissfully and willingly weak.

Our love affair conquered
Time's endless tests, and all else
Were insignificant obstacles,
Unwavering stumbles.
We were breathlessly complete.

Copyright © 2012-2014 – Melissa Kinnel [All Rights Reserved]
Courtesy of telepics.net

Courtesy of telepics.net


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10 thoughts on ““Eternal Tryst”

  1. ….and ALL ELSE fell into place with your wonderfully poetic words. Good job.

  2. Would it be wrong to say that was sexy?

  3. ooh, I do like this. Wonderfully steamy without the details 🙂

  4. You’ve done an excellent job creating a sense of heat and passion in the piece and the language is lyrical. Loved it!

  5. So very exquisitely and passionately written…loved your poem, beautifully done!

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