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Reading Is The New Sexy

I’m an avid reader and even though eBooks seem to be taking over the world, I still stop in the local Barnes and Noble to see what’s shaking. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I read eBooks too but it’s something about walking into a wall-to-wall store full of books. Shivers run up and down my spine. My heartbeat starts to race a bit. My palms get a little sweaty. It’s like being a kid in a candy store with my face practically smashed up against the storefront window.

I usually peruse the clearance Continue reading

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Silver bangles around my wrists,

Clink clanking as I work;


Or beautiful echos singing an eloquent song?

Copyright © 2012-2014 – Melissa Kinnel [All Rights Reserved]

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Is Any Story Idea Ever Original?

Is any idea ever original? I mean, let’s admit, there are a lot of storylines that seem similar. As a writer, I always wonder if the story I’m working on is unique. Will the reader be intrigued? Will my characters “make” the story? 
Well, was I in for a shock when I recently read a first-time author’s romance ebook that I purchased. I follow her on Twitter and was excited to find about her book coming out. As I excitedly read chapter after chapter, I was pumping up myself about trying to push myself to get my first book out there. Especially since she and I talked several months ago about whether self-pubbing or the traditional publishing route was the way to go. Then suddenly, I hit a part of the book that sounded eerily like an element I have incorporated into my project.
I swallowed a lump and did a double-take. Now, the element is not something new that no one has ever used before. So that wasn’t it. The fact that I was reading her book and was working on something with the same situation was a problem in my eyes. Coincidence? Yes, because she and I never discussed book ideas, etc. before.  But I still didn’t want to have the same thing in my book even though her characters and scenes were totally different than mine. If it were some author I hadn’t any contact with before, it probably wouldn’t have bothered me.
I briefly discussed the situation Continue reading
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What Kind Of Writer Are You?

I’ve recently been working on a synopsis for a book idea I’ve had for quite some time.
Pump the brakes! Let me back up and tell the full story. I actually started writing the book several years ago BEFORE I even put a summary together that would give me guidance in developing the idea. That was a terrible mistake and after seven chapters in, I hit a wall. At that point, I tried to salvage it by trying to do re-writes. Ha!! That was mistake number two!!
I’ve always loved writing short fiction and poetry. And I usually don’t brainstorm on paper when developing my short stories. I sort of weave the idea together in my mind, and then start writing. When I decided Continue reading
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