Highly Unrecommended

While I was recently perusing the internet stacks for a good ebook to sink my teeth into, I skimmed the customer reviews of each book I considered.  The more reviews I read, the more I realized how people can literally rip a writer’s work apart. 
Ok, I’m not naïve.  I know everybody has their own opinions about everything and everyone and not everyone is going to like you in this world.  But as an unpublished author, am I ready for all that negativity?  Do I want to spend my blood and tears working on a project only to have someone blow it all up on a review that they may or may not have written in a moment of rage after a fight with their husband? 
Don’t worry, I’m not writing this post because I’m wavering and thinking of cutting my losses.  Oh no.  I think I’m more worried of how I will handle it.  I mean, will I really read every review–the good, the bad and the ugly?  Will I secretly cyberstalk those who give me unfavorable feedback and make their lives a living hell?  Oops, that just slipped out.
I guess if you put your work out there for the world to see, you have to pull the big girl panties up or big boy boxer briefs on take what’s coming.  Or as my friend Jamal over at Scribereglyph said so eloquently in his post Never Forget: You Suck and You Always Will, “we can’t please everybody”.
P.S. Are no reviews better than horrible ones?  Hmmm…
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12 thoughts on “Highly Unrecommended

  1. Well, this comment is sorta in relation to this post. I can help you out with a really good book and I'm pretty sure you will enjoy it. In other words, congratulations – you've been selected to receive a free eBook from MuseItUp Publishing for participating in MuseItUp Month. Please visit http://the-new-author.blogspot.com/p/museitup-month-door-prize-selection.html and select your book. Please e-mail your selection to sb.knight@live.com and I will get the book to you. Again, congratulations.

  2. I guess you do have to be ready for the critique once you put your writing out there. I don't think I'll ever want to read the reviews good or bad. I wonder if the critiques are why some authors only end up writing one book.

  3. You could be right, Evelyn. Some writers probably can't take the negativity and just give up.

  4. It's funny because I always read the 1-star ratings of books I love and there is always someone who hates it (and I have good taste, LOL).Reading is so subjective. What one person loves, another will hate.Just do the writing that speaks to you and let both the good and bad comments roll off. It will make you crazy!!! 😉

  5. Thanks for the advice, Karen!

  6. Some bad reviews are good because it makes all the reviews more authentic. Just don't worry too much about it. Like you said, we can't please everyone.

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  8. As a musician and lyricist I acknowledged that just because someone might not like my songs, it didn't mean they were bad. Everyone has a "taste" (or genre) for what they like to hear in music. I take this acceptance into what the readers will think and say about my first book which I recently completed. Some will like it, some won't.

  9. Melissa,Someone will always have some shit to talk. I personally have a very tough hide being a professional shit-talker myself. The thing is this, if your work is good it will speak for itself. This despite all the naysayers and evil-doers. I am about 7/8ths done with my second novel (the first one was thankfully trashed by my former publisher years ago!)The title is Peaches and the Gambler. It's a cozy mystery set in Durham, North Carolina and is the first of a series of novels to feature Peaches Donnelly, a recently laid off woman with nothing to lose. I am self-publishing it on September 4th 2012. Initially, I was nerve racked with self-doubt: will people like it? will people buy it? is it well written? will people even know it's there? But one day, I set all that aside and here I am five months later and nearly finished.There are millions and millions of people out there. A well written book with a good plot and interesting characters, will, with a bit of help on your side, find an audience.Good Luck!A.T. Hickswww.saltygurl.com

  10. You're right.

  11. I'm learning to accept that.

  12. Good Luck too!

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