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Plop, Plop…Squish, Squish…Oh What A Relief It Is!

Have I ever told you guys that I work at the spider factory? You’ve never heard of such a thing, you ask? Well, it’s an office building with about twenty-three

Double ick!

employees where the day-to-day operations of a business are run. It’s a very nice place, but lurking deep inside the rafters and the walls are some unwanted, non-rent-paying squatters. Well, ok, it’s really not the spider factory…BUT when spiders the size of silver dollars keep popping up everywhere, you kind of start wondering if there is some sort of spider mill being used as a side business.

Unfortunately for me, I am terrified of spiders so Continue reading

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Everything Is Coming Up Apples and Oranges

Why can’t I get a little praise and gratitude over here? I mean, come on, I think I deserve a little recognition…just a little. I’ll take a corner, a crumb, or even a small dot the size of an ant if that’s all that’s available. Just give me something.

But noooo! When my hubby aka Daddy is around, I gets no love. Nothing! Nada! Zilch! My kids, I believe, see right through me when in the presence of the almighty Da Da. Yes,

The green-eyed monster

it’s hard to believe a seven- and five-year-old would be so cruel, but it’s true.

I wash their clothes, Continue reading

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And The Tweets Just Keep On Coming…And Coming

*With my right hand raised* Hi, my name is Melissa, and I’m…umm…addicted to social networking.

I tweet. No, not like a bird, but like on Twitter. Before I go any further, let me start from the beginning.

It all began on a long winter’s night while I was chopping wood for the fireplace in our cabin out in the woods…oops, wrong story! But it sounded good, didn’t it?! LOL!

It all began several years ago when a girlfriend joined FaceBook and talked me into it. I mean, she really had to talk me into it. I had pretty much bagged FaceBook for the “younger” crowd and I had no need to participate whatsoever. Of course, she Continue reading

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