Women, Beware! Nothing is Left Sacred!

Yes, yes, yes, I admit I’m a Lifetime and Lifetime Movie Network fanatic enthusiast. Sunday is the day I do my most offending. My husband is usually at work, leaving me alone to hog the remote and watch movie after movie…usually in between tending to my kids’ every desire and doing laundry. So basically, I only see “bits and pieces” of the movies, but, hey, that’s how it is for mommies.

Well Lifetime and LMN usually have themes for the day or the weekend, so each movie revolves around that theme. It could be anything from a woman scorned, adultery, fighting against the odds, abuse, murder…well, you get the drift. Anything and everything is game…and, ding dong! You have hit the nail on the head! All the themes revolve around women.

Hubby constantly chides me about turning to Channel 37 or Channel 119 to see what’s on. He calls them the “chick” channels. He just shakes his head and purses his lips when I land on one of those juicy movies.

But there has been something “happening” to my hubby the last few months. It’s kind of like a transformation of sorts. I noticed it one day when I turned to 119 looking for one those chick movies and my hubby didn’t flinch. He didn’t flinch, people! He actually sat there, made himself cozy, and watched the movie with me! Afterwards, we even had a discussion about it! Ok, you all can pick your mouths up off the floor now. Believe me, I’m still scrounging around for mine.

Now, sometimes I walk into the room and there my hubby is…already engrossed in a movie…a chick movie…on the chick channel! It’s almost surreal. On Sundays, when he has to leave to go to work, he’ll ask me to text him with updates on the movie that’s on. Can you freaking believe that?!

The other day I tried to make him admit that he enjoyed the hell out of the movies. He kind of shrugged his shoulders in a half admission. Ok, wait a minute! Pump the brakes! He can’t even say it out of his mouth! He can’t even say that he likes the chick channel! OMG! Such a typical dude!

So what is this post really about? Is about giving Lifetime and LMN free pub? Is it about confessing one of my vices to whoever will listen? Or is to let hubbies all around the world know that it’s okay to look at chick flicks? It’s okay to take that next step, snuggle with your woman, and watch that chick channel?

Bommmpppp! None of the above, I’m afraid. See, this is just plain old payback for all those times my husband chastised me for watching Lifetime in the first place. I just wanted to out him since he can’t seem to admit to his own guilty pleasure! Now the world knows…bwhahahaha *evil scientist laugh*…or, at least the people who read this post will! LOL!

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12 thoughts on “Women, Beware! Nothing is Left Sacred!

  1. What’s wrong with chick flicks anyway? Half the world can’t be wrong. 🙂

  2. To tell you the truth, I watch Lifetime all the time. The TV’s in my home are always on Lifetime. My wife and I get into most of the movies without issue, but what I mainly watch it for is SNAPPED. That’s one of my favorite shows.

  3. Bwahahaha!

    Great post. : )

  4. Oh, BTW . . . I love how you’ve redecorated the place.

    Especially the writing spot at the top! Gorgeous.

    • Yes, WP came out with this new layout about a month ago and it had a lot of features that I was looking for…so I took the plunge!

      As for the picture, I wish I could take credit, but it is not mine. I found it somewhere while surfing and thought that it was an awesome panoramic pic…not to mention I would love that to be my little writing “spot”. Unfortunately, I do most of my writing on my bed with my laptop nestled in my lap. I wish that I could have used the entire picture, but I had to crop most of the top portion in order for it to fit into the set dimensions of the layout, but I was still able to get most of the essence!


  5. Awesome photo. Makes me want to sit down and write. ; )

  6. SMK606

    I’ll admit to watching, however I really try to find other channels before I land on LMN. Once there, I have to finish what I have started watching. I enjoy some of the movies, but I have a two movie limit. After that I am ready to thank my lucky stars my life is not on the screen!

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