Skeletons Tapdancing From The Past

Since my birthday is coming up this Saturday, I thought about writing a post that would reflect on my life and accomplishments. Then I came right back to reality when I realized that there wasn’t enough space for me to tout all of that here. Just kidding!

I thought it would be fun to revisit the past. You know, the thing that most of us try to run away from because that’s where all our dumb mistakes live. Don’t worry, we won’t bring those skeletons out of the closet!

I was thinking more on the lines of taking a walk down memory lane and reflecting on things that have become obsolete. Things that once were the cat’s meow, so to speak. (By the way, I just used the last statement at work yesterday in a conversation with a fellow employee. I couldn’t believe that it actually came out of my mouth, but instantly knew I wanted to use it in a blog post somehow. Corny, huh? LOL!)

Anyway, you basically know you are “old school” if you can faintly relate to any of the following:

**Remember when there were only landline phones (actually, they were called “house phones” back then) and payphones? Yes, young ‘uns, cell phones didn’t always exist. There were no

private conversations in your bedroom or anywhere, for that fact. You had to use the phone in the living room or kitchen where everybody could hear everything you were saying. Or you had to stand in line at phone booths because those were the only forms of mobile communication. Ahhh, those were the days.

**Ok, this is going to really shock some, but cash was the primary form of payment back in the day. Paper dollars and coins had the lockdown on retail. Check cards didn’t exist. I remember making sure I had enough cash in my pocket before the bank closed on the weekend because there

was no way to access the money from your account. You guessed it…this is a twofer.  There weren’t any ATM’s. They didn’t exist either! Ohhh, the horrors!

**Once upon a time cassette tapes ruled the world. They put 8-tracks to shame and in their graves. Not a day would go by that someone wasn’t seen in their car fighting with the tape that got stuck in the cassette player. Or remember when you wanted to skip to track six and you had to keep fast forwarding in increments to get to it and still passed it?!! Then the tape eventually got warped and all the songs sounded like aliens were whining.

**Ok, clutch your pearls! Many years ago, real life encyclopedia books sat upon every bookshelf in America. Yes, when you had to write that five-page paper for class, there was no Wikipedia or the internet to turn to. Those burgundy and gold trimmed books were a pot of gold, usually providing a paragraph or two of info on a subject matter. You pretty much had to work miracles to whip that tiny scrap of info into a five-page paper!

Of course, I could go on and on, but that would take the fun out of it, now wouldn’t it?

So, I’m leaving it to you guys to pull those skeletons out of the closet…oops, I mean I’m leaving it to you guys to pull some of those once fashionable ways of life out, dust them off, and expose them to the world! Well, you really wouldn’t be exposing them since they’re not secrets or anything! We’ll just say you’ll be reminiscing…and telling your age!

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18 thoughts on “Skeletons Tapdancing From The Past

  1. Happy Birthday! Have a memory making, age faking, birthday caking, picture taking kind of day tomorrow!

    Loved this post. I talked about some of these advances in technology recently:

    We’ve come a long way, baby!

    BTW: I think you’re the cat’s meow (and the cat’s pajamas!) : )

    • LOL! Thanks and it will definitely be an “age faking” kind of birthday!! Aww…and thanks for the cat’s meow AND the cat’s pajamas compliments! Too funny!

      I’m going to check out your link that you posted.

  2. Yeah, another nice post. Yeah, I remember all of that, along with beepers, pages, 45 records, black and white TV, when TV’s had knobs to change the channels.

    Wow, you brought it back, lol.

    • See, i knew there were so many throwbacks that could be expounded upon! TV knob one is a really good one! I guess large tube TV’s are a thing of the past now too since flat screens took over. I actually still have two of those myself!

      You’re really old school!! LOL!!

  3. Roxan

    Girl this is awesome,I bow my head on to you,great mind!

  4. Great post! The other day I got made fun of because I still had one of my old walkmans and also the original ninetendo lol

  5. Agatha82

    Aw I loved this blog. You know I am definitely old school 😉
    I remember when long distance calls were dreadful (yes I am THAT old) and there was a huge echo or delay when you spoke, so you could only maybe talk for 5 minutes or it would drive you mad. It sounded like the person on the other side was under water sometimes lol.

    • LOL! What prompted me to write this post were my kids. They are five and seven and they are very curious creatures…always asking this and that. When I tell them that certain things didn’t always exist, their eyes widen in surprise! It’s priceless! *chuckling*

      Thanks very much for visiting my blog!

  6. Carol Ann Hoel

    Wow! The pitiful part is that I remember all these things. I lived them with you. Talk about counting our blessings! There are many and we are blessed by all the conveniences we have today. The Internet is the crown of the ages. I cannot imagine outdoing this, yet we see how this technology advances continually! Thanks for the memories…

    • Yes, I too believe the internet is the “crown of the ages” and cannot image what could top it.

      I try to adapt to the changes, but sometimes it is hard. For instance, my husband and I refused to give up cassette tapes and convert to cd’s for along time. We had an extensive collection, which would have been expensive to replace. We finally relented, although we have never been able to replace what we had. We had the same problem with VHS. I’m sad to say we still have movies on VHS and own two VCR’s, but I AM proud to say we own two DVD players also! LOL!

  7. Great post. Piggybacking on the cassette tapes, I can remember sitting with my boom box and a blank tape hoping my favorite song would come on the radio so I could record it. No iTunes back then. It was get lucky wtih the radio or buy the tape.

    • I did the same thing…trying to edit the dj’s words leading into the song! Those were the days, weren’t they? I think iTunes is a godsend! These kids don’t know how easy they have it!

  8. Happy belated Birthday Mel, great post too…always good to look back on the past because it says alot about your future. The payphone and Cassette tapes are the worst ever…hated when the PP’s would eat your change or the ones what cut off asking you for more change…then the Casette tape almost drove me bonkers fast forwarding & rewinding too your favorite song…ugh! the horror.

    • Cassette tapes were the worst! The CD and now the Itunes/Ipod/MP3 Player, etc are really great advancements. My kids enjoy all of those things now but I know when they get older, those same advancements will be outdated and replaced with some new technology!

      • So true which makes us wonder what exactyally will todays items be replaced with 10 or 20 years from now? Technology changes so fast and time flies by even faster we cant keep up with any of it, Would’nt be great if life was truly like the Jetsons had things?

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