When Your Last Starts Their Firsts

In a few short weeks my youngest will be heading off to kindergarten. Since my oldest went through this same scenario two years ago, you would think I would be “ok”. Well, I’m not. When my son went off to kindergarten I was excited that he was starting school and another part of his life. But with my daughter’s upcoming departure, there is something that lurks beneath the surface of my heart.

I can’t quite put my finger on my feelings. Deep down I know that I’m probably just being selfish. She is my baby…the last one I will ever have.  She is the youngest of our family of four. She is the last child I will carry in my womb. She is the last one I will ever breastfeed. The last one I will potty train. Ok, I know that she is five and that I have known all of those aforementioned proclamations for quite some time, but it’s like it’s the end of an era.

All mothers go through this, right? You know, when your last starts their firsts. After this go-around, there will be no more firsts. Your youngest child’s firsts are essentially your lasts.

And, yes, I know there will be other milestones that I will probably feel this same way, but for now, let me get my first tears in. Ok?

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10 thoughts on “When Your Last Starts Their Firsts

  1. Despite the fact that I do not have kids of my own, I think I know how you feel.

    Every time I said good-by to my nieces and nephews after a visit, I knew that they would be “different people” the next time I saw them ~ in six months or a year.

    Saying good-by to the old era is one of the bittersweet joys of parenting. But most parents would choose to go with the flow rather than arresting their childhood’s development.

    So, have a cry, wipe your tears, and have some fun with your baby while she’s still young. : )

  2. WoW! That’s exactly how I feel except my youngest is in her first year in college. Granted she will be staying home and attending our local JC, she will be taking her first steps into adulthood.

    My oldest daughter has since transfered to a four year institution (3 hours away), moved into an apartment, and comes home on weekends. We (mostly Dad) speak daily and text her often.

    Great ideas and words of wisdom! Keep on writing your inner thoughts for you are sharing what some of us are unable to convey in the written word.

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  4. Nice post.

  5. I just went through this myself. My son is soon to be 8 and my daughter 5 and just started kindergarten. It was bitter-sweet to say the least. I think what hurt the most is she just left my side without looking back, no holding on to my leg, nothing she just ran in and started her day. She wasn’t supposed to leave my side that easily..not my baby. To know I have no more children at home with me is sad but I do have to admit one thing…I immensely enjoy my days alone..for now.

    • Well, my little one finally started last week and she did the same thing. Just ran into the classroom and sat at a table like it was normal. My husband and I took all these pictures, capturing every movement and gesture. Later that evening she asked, “Mommy, why were you and Daddy taking ALL those pictures of me?” All I could say was “Umm…”. LOL!

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