I’ll Have Picture Mail With A Side of Texting, Please

I have taken the most amazing picture of my kids with my camera phone and I instantly know I need to share it with some special people. I set it up to send it as picture mail: My husband, my dad, my mother-in-law, my sister and so on and so on. But as I run through my address book on my phone, I come to my mother’s number and pause.

My mom doesn’t do picture mail. Let me back up and elaborate further. My mom doesn’t do ANYTHING modern day people do. She doesn’t own a computer and wouldn’t know what to do with one if she did. She doesn’t have email. She doesn’t do FaceBook, MySpace or Twitter. Hard to believe in this day and time, isn’t it?

Her cell phone is basic and she doesn’t have a data plan. My sister and I have tried relentlessly to get her to text, but Mom is dead set against it. She says that she prefers talking via live conversation. Can you believe that? Sometimes you only have to tell someone one little thing. You don’t want to have to call, wait for them to answer, and end up getting more involved in a conversation you never planned, do you? Especially if the person is annoying. (Just kidding) Or worse, get their voice mail, have to leave a message and then have to wait for them to return your call. Then it becomes a game of phone tag when they try you back, you don’t answer, and they leave a message. No thanks!

My mom doesn’t do picture mail because her cell phone plan doesn’t include it and there is a good chance she wouldn’t know how to “do” it anyway. My mom doesn’t even know how to program phone numbers into her phone. She usually waits on one of us to come by and do it for her. Until then, she pulls out the slip of paper she has written the number on and manually dials it. Archaic.

So, as far as pictures are concerned, I have to wait until I’m face to face with my mom to show her them via my phone or my digital camera. She just doesn’t get that I don’t print my photos anymore. Email, picture mail and FaceBook pretty much took over that responsibility. It’s so easy to share with everybody and not have to worry that you “left” someone out because you didn’t buy enough prints. Plus, you can get instant feedback via comments. I really wonder how many people still actually print their photos. Hmmm…

P.S. Now, can you please excuse me? I have to go call my mother for some “live” conversation.

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6 thoughts on “I’ll Have Picture Mail With A Side of Texting, Please

  1. Jacquelyn Roddy

    Funny and very true

  2. Excellent post . . . I couldn’t live without internet & e-mail.
    And I enjoy sharing photos with friends and family on FB.
    That said, I’m with your mother on one thing: I don’t text.

    One thing turns into a whole conversation and what could have been addressed in 5 minutes by phone takes 1/2 an hour of tedious back and forth.

    But it’s too bad that she doesn’t have either FB or e-mail to make up for her unwillingness to text.

  3. Rungnatee

    My mom is exactly the same when it comes to technology or the internet. I print photos for her all the time and program her phone with numbers too! lol! Shoot, my grandmother is more tech savvy than my mom! lol! I call her cyber-granny.

    However, on the printed photo tip. I love photography and scrapbooking, so I do print my photos. I have albums and framed photos everywhere!

    I love that we have the technology to text and email and internet is what keeps me from feeling bored. I’ve met so many people through the internet I know I would not have met otherwise.

    I’d rather text when I don’t want to have long conversations on the phone–which I’m not into so much unless absolutely necessary or I don’t have a choice. The only one I really talk to on the phone for long periods of time is my fiance–because he lives over 250 miles away. So, we talk everyday for at least 2-3 hours a day/night. I had to purchase a separate phone just for talking to him! lol! Unlimited everything plan! lol!

    I enjoy texting because I get to say exactly what I’m thinking and the person on the other end have no choice but to “listen” to every word. This is a great way to obtain someone’s full attention. With phone calls, you get distracted by others around you and you might miss something–not with texting.

    Thanks for this excellent post and sharing your thoughts. I also write but I don’t have a blog. I put everything down on paper (the old fashioned way). Guess, I need to step up my writing game and get technically savvy like you! lol! I’m inspired to begin my own blog.

    • LOL! That is so funny about your grandmother! Cyber-granny….hilarious!!

      You’re right about meeting and networking with a lot of people on the internet that I would have never met otherwise. FB and Twitter are true “social” networks!

      You should definitely think of starting your own blog. I’ve always loved to write, but only started my blogs this year through the urging of one of my cousins. The last few months, I have been very neglectful of both, but I vow to get moving again.

      P.S. Can’t wait to see the blog! *winking*

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