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Uh…I Don’t Think So!

So there my husband and I were enjoying the ambiance on a Friday night.  They were playing pretty decent music and we were just happy to get out and enjoy ourselves.

Then reality struck.  We were actually at my seven-year-old son’s elementary school Spring Dance.  The bewitching hour was from 6pm to 7pm for kindergartners, first-graders and second-graders. Admittance for each student was $1 while parents were free.

The cafeteria’s usual set-up had been transformed into a hodge-podge of chairs pushed against walls for anyone who wanted to sit, leaving a wide open “circle” for the little ones to get their groove on.  There was a deejay and a table where drinks and snacks were being sold.

Watching the kids dance, I must say, was pretty hilarious.  A lot of them were in their own little world twisting their bodies in all different directions. Some were walking around watching others dance and then eventually Continue reading

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