Errors and Salutations

Usually when I write, I worry myself silly about spelling errors, punctuation, sentence structure and verb tense. I don’t admit to actually knowing anything about any of this stuff, but I try my best. I was not an English major, but I got pretty good grades in the subject in high school and college. That doesn’t mean I remember any of the things that I learned.

I even try to go over my blog posts with a fine-tooth comb, double checking for mistakes. I also do it with emails, tweets, FB status updates and wall postings. All the while, I think I’m completely crazy. Why should I care that my tweet has proper tense or punctuation?

One of my friends, who is a fellow writer, says that he writes like he thinks, not how he actually talks. He has published two memoirs and they both were a joy to read because of how his story flowed. I felt like he was narrating to me in person as I read it.

Many of my favorite authors use this same style, incorporating incomplete and run-on sentences. Sometimes it just makes sense when you’re writing…and when you’re reading. I have also found that they make grammatical and other miscellaneous errors. Sometimes words have been missing. In one instance, the author called the main character by the name of a character in one of her other books. I had to do a double-take on that one. This was a NY Times bestseller, I might add.

So I’m trying to call myself down off the ledge, so to speak. I’m going to enjoy writing without feeling those restraints. Ok, I know that I will always have to do some editing and having correct spelling is a must, but I have to learn to let go with the other stuff, have fun, and let writing.

P.S. If this post contains any errors or poor sentence structure…and I’m sure there are…please take two pills of forgiveness and move on!

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7 thoughts on “Errors and Salutations

  1. Pshaa. I was an english major and i still don't know half of that junk. no worries.

  2. Well that is great to hear. I can't concentrate on my WIP when I'm worrying about all that technical stuff!

  3. Hah I'm halfway through my English degree and I'm not worried about any of that when I write. It's better not to worry about all the technicalities. Translating the thoughts and ideas from your head to paper is hard enough already without worrying if there are comma splices or dangling modifiers.Just go with the flow, and when you're done with it all, go back and double check. If you like how it sounds, to hell with the technical crap.

  4. LOL! I write like I think too. But only online things. In working on a manuscript, it sounds like I'm as crazy about grammar and spelling as you are.And it drives me crazy when prolific (and bestselling!) authors are poorly edited. They offer a product and make money on it, there is an expectation of quality from them and the publishers.

  5. Yeah, I just let it flow. I don't worry about on the rough drafts, that's what revision and editing is for, lol.

  6. I'm just like you. While I enjoyed English in high school, it wasn't my major in college. I took one 101 type English class and one creative writing class. Many, many years later, I began to write, but made many error. Sine the fall, I've been reading books on grammar and writing to improve my writing.

  7. Thanks, everyone, for the comments and feedback. It's always interesting to get other points of view.

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