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Stop And Feel The Words

I came across a song yesterday that I hadn’t heard in years.  It’s called I Can’t Make You Love Me by Bonnie Raitt and is a melancholy love ballad.  Now, I’m a sucker for love stories, love poems and love songs no matter the circumstances or the outcome. They could end in tragedy where I ball my eyes out or they could finish in a cheesy cornball finale leaving me with a wide-tooth stupid grin on my face.
So hearing this song and listening to the lyrics made me take pause.  If you have ever heard it, you know it’s about a lover who realizes that the one they love no longer feels the same way and that their love affair has reached its conclusion.  Pretty sad, huh?  Nevertheless, the story is fantastically written.  The words are right on and you have no doubt the pain the person feels in their realization. 
Of course, Bonnie Raitt’s voice adds color to the story, but if you look at the lyrics without the music, it seems to read like a poem.  I wonder if songwriters write poems? I’m sure they do, as it seems to go hand in hand with songwriting.

Don’t you love a good song?  One that is simple, to the point and you don’t need a video to figure out what the hell they are trying to say.  Since I deem myself a music head *chuckles*, I know that there are loads of good songs out there that can stand alone as poems.  Continue reading

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Can Your Stomach Handle the Truth?

Expiration dates.  What do they really mean?  I remember back in the day there were only a few things that had them such as milk, eggs, bread and medicine.  But several years ago, I started to notice more and more products containing the “exp” stamp. Cereal, soda, and toothpaste contain it.  Some hair products have it.  Vaseline has it for goodness sakes.  Even one of our child car seats had one.

So things that didn’t contain it before didn’t need it?  I’m just trying to wrap my brain around it.  So that cooking oil or that shampoo that didn’t tout an expiration date ten years ago now tells the consumer that they can’t shelve it indefinitely, but must use it within a certain time frame or else.  What’s the or else?  What will happen?  Shouldn’t that be made known on the package label?  Shouldn’t the manufacturer have to tell you what will happen to you if you use the product after that date?

Will you get sick if you eat something passed the expiration date?  Well, I guess not considering I accidentally used mayonnaise that was ten days beyond that infamous stamp.  I keep condiments in the fridge at work just in case I bring something for lunch that requires their use.  The other day I made a sandwich during my lunch break and pulled out the squeeze bottle of mayo, not realizing that I could be on the verge of death from salmonella.

Halfway through my ham and cheese, I read the date on the bottle.  I stopped in mid chew and tried to recollect the day’s date, knowing that I could not have possibly just eaten my death sentence.  But it was true.  Ten days passed the date.  But it couldn’t be?  It didn’t taste foul.  It didn’t taste sour.  It didn’t smell or look bad.  And to top it off, I had just used the same mayonnaise two days prior on another sandwich without noticing the blunder.  And I hadn’t gotten sick…yet.

Well, I’m still alive and nothing happened.  So now I’m still stumped about the whole date thing.  I have always been a stickler when it comes to abiding by the date.  I toss anything beyond it.  I know some people don’t because they say the date is just a guideline of freshness…not a deadline.  To each his own I guess.  Even though I walked on the line of death with the mayo bungle, I am still sticking to my guns and tossing any and everything that crosses over that day.  I am not taking any chances.

Here is a link that will probably give some insight on food expiration and help you make your own decisions.  Good luck!

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Errors and Salutations

Usually when I write, I worry myself silly about spelling errors, punctuation, sentence structure and verb tense. I don’t admit to actually knowing anything about any of this stuff, but I try my best. I was not an English major, but I got pretty good grades in the subject in high school and college. That doesn’t mean I remember any of the things that I learned.

I even try to go over my blog posts with a fine-tooth comb, double checking for mistakes. I also do it with emails, tweets, FB status updates Continue reading

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Heads Will Roll!

Don’t you just love when you’re sitting in your car for an eternity, waiting for the damn cars in front of you to move?  I’m not talking about your average traffic jam.  I live in the DC Metro area and traffic is just a way of life here.  I’m talking about when your forty-minute average commute starts creeping into the fifty-five-minute mark. That’s when you know something just isn’t right.

If you’re like me, the first thing that comes to mind is there has been an accident.  Then ten minutes later after your car is able to creep up a few feet, you’re definitely thinking, “There better be a good explanation for this ish!”

Then it hits you that you have to pick your kids up from daycare by 6:30 pm or they will start charging you by the minute for every minute you’re late. Your plans of dropping in your favorite shoe store Continue reading

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