Give Me Body Or Give Me Liberty

The Culprits

The fam and I went shopping at the outlets this past Saturday on the hunt for new sneakers for the kids as well as soccer cleats for my son. My husband knows that I am in desperate need of new clothes *wink*wink* and encouraged me to go in a few stores to try on some things. Since he was buying and I didn’t want to hurt his feelings by saying no, I complied.

Happily, I picked out tops and bottoms to take back to the dressing room.  Hubby even suggested some items that he thought might look nice.  It felt invigorating looking at all of the spring attire. Believe me, I am ready to shed my winter “coat”, so to speak.

Once I got into the dressing room, my euphoria ended. As I tried on the first outfit, I realized it didn’t quite look like the one on the mannequin.  As a matter of fact, it looked nothing like the one the mannequin was wearing.  She looked sleek and I looked…frumpy. She was in top form while I looked as if I just came out of hibernation and needed to lose my extra blubber.

I stood in awe of myself…and not in a good way.  What the hell had I been eating all winter?  I tried on another outfit, but couldn’t even get the damn pants over my thighs. There was no way in hell I was getting a larger size. No way!  I wouldn’t dare ask the dressing room attendant for the next size. And boy did I want those pants!

Unfortunately for me, my husband was standing outside the dressing room entrance where all the other husbands were standing awaiting their wives also. He wanted to see each outfit that I tried on.  He even called me on my cell while I was still hiding out in the dressing room wondering where I was.

So, I walked the gauntlet and went out to show him a few of the outfits that didn’t look all the way bad. Of course, he thought everything looked “nice” and didn’t see what I saw. I guess if he reads this, he will know the ugly truth of how I felt that day.  I’m sure he will reassure me that I’m exaggerating, but I’m the one who has to feel comfortable, right?

After my experience, I thought about suing the store…hell, all the stores…for the misrepresentation of how their clothes look on mannequins compared to how they will really look on REAL women.  Granted, the display is supposed to be “eye catching” so you will be enticed to buy it.

But damn, do they have to pull you through the ringer? Start you off happy and excited. Then get you into the dressing room and drop the bombshell. The waist on the blouse doesn’t quite hang right on your hips and the Capri pants hug your thighs and butt because you’re not the damn mannequin.

I dare any store to give women some credit.  Make the mannequin look dowdy.  Then let customers go into the dressing room and admire themselves with triumph as they breathe a sigh of relief knowing they look better than the frumpy display for once.  I dare them!

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