Either She Goes or I Go…

For the last few weeks I haven’t touched my WIP.  I was using lack of time as an excuse.  I work a full-time day job and have a seven- and a four-year-old.  To top it off, my husband works the late shift, which means I’m the only parent to help with homework, do dinner, and baths.  So, as you can tell, writing definitely takes a backseat in the evenings, but it’s not totally impossible. 

I just came to the realization that I was using “no time” as my justification not to write on my novel when it was really something else.  I love my story idea.  I think about it every day…everywhere that I am.  I could be at my desk at work or taking a shower, but my mind is on my characters and what they’re doing.

So, you’re probably wondering why I am procrastinating.  Well, I am conflicted about my main female character.  In creating my outline, before I even started writing, I thought she would be more of a down-to-earth woman who was straight-laced, but as I started to write, she turned on me.  Somehow, her personality didn’t quite fit with me or the other characters. 

I switched gears, regrouped, and decided that she needed to be a little standoffish, more confident, daring and edgy.  Almost on the verge of arrogant, but not so much so that she wasn’t likable.  I’ve even changed her name numerous times to fit her personality, which I talked about in a previous blog posting.

I’m happy with the change, but some of the decisions that she will eventually make in the book will certainly portray her as a little naïve.  As a career driven, confident woman, I’m not sure how that will fly. 

I guess I will take a deep breath and do some writing tonight on my WIP because as we all know, it’s not about you the writer.  It’s about your characters and how they play things out.  Wish me luck.  I can’t use the “no time” excuse any more.

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5 thoughts on “Either She Goes or I Go…

  1. I learned a good trick recently for getting a character down: write 100 sentences about them. Even if you don't use everything you come up with, at least you got inside her head. That's really helped me.Thanks for stopping by my blog and I love yours! The butterfly picture is a new favorite for me. :o)

  2. Jackee, thanks for the advice. I will definitely try it.Also, thanks for the compliment!!

  3. YOU ARE ME!!!Oh my. I'm so glad you found my blog and that now I've found yours. 🙂 I could have written this same post. I work full time at a wonderful but tiring job teaching first graders (and bring work home), and have a seven yr old and an almost-three year old, and my husband works some nights. I TOTALLY FEEL YOUR PAIN about lack of time.Yes, it's an excuse but it's not. It is also real, and I try to balance between kicking myself into writing and beating myself up because I fall into bed exhausted. 🙂 Trying to find the balance is a job in itself!

  4. I hope your progress on your wip gets back on track, if it hasn't already 🙂 I have recently had to knock myself back into the groove by telling myself I can do it and I know I can. Though I haven't really been using the excuse of no time ('cause trust me I have plenty of that, lol), I have been using an excuse. Stress has been my excuse and instead of me using that stress to create writing awesomeness (can't beleive I just typed that), I've used it not to write. I realized that it is a stupid excuse and instead put it to use 🙂

  5. Dangerous: We must be twins!! Hopefully you can find that balance. Even if it means only getting a few words down some days.Soleil: Thanks for the insight!

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