How I Love Thee, Sunshine…

Gosh! Where in the H did the sun go?! For days we have been over wrought with rain, rain and more rain. Let’s not even mention the cloud cover that’s hiding that beautiful sun. Ugh! It can be downright depressing…if you let it.

Key point here: don’t let it or anything in general get you down! Don’t let the haze sway your thoughts and ideas. That sometimes can be easier said than done, but it is doable. You just have to bring the positivity into view…AND stick with it!

It’s amazing that I am even giving this advice because I often find myself letting the cloud cover sneak right on in and influence my writing notions. Sort of like a sneak attack. Bam!! Then I become annoyed with myself because I let it happen.

But…yeah, yeah, here it comes…at least I recognize that I have allowed the predicament to seep in and I’m willing to turn it around. Then I stop asking myself “how come” and “why me” and start preaching “what if this, then maybe that” or “let’s get ‘er done.” Boo-ya! Then the clouds start dissipating, the gloom lifts, and the writing gods somehow bless me with some wonderful ideas. That sunshine starts peaking through and words flow again! Money shot!

So, to offset the blah, what do you do to chase away the doldrums?  What is your money shot?

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One thought on “How I Love Thee, Sunshine…

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