Why Did You Leave Me? Where Have You Gone?

I recently finished reading a good book and, as usual, I was down about it.  I hate finishing.  I mean I feel so close to the characters and the storyline, that it seems weird when it ends—like I’ve lost a good friend.
When there are loose ends, it’s even a worse feeling.  It leaves you wondering what will happen next.  Where do the characters’ lives go from here?  Does the author plan on a second book that will pick up where this one left off?  Maybe that’s what makes it a great story in the first place.  The fact it can grab you like that and nag your thoughts.
I wonder if anyone else goes through this same kind of withdrawal.  Whether it’s a short story or a novel, do other readers find it difficult to leave the characters behind?
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3 thoughts on “Why Did You Leave Me? Where Have You Gone?

  1. Always…which is one of the reasons I highly gravitate towards a series. Especially because I read so quickly. I'm so sad when a good book is over, but SO happy when there are more books to come! 🙂

  2. Me too, it happens all the time. I am STILL pining for Henry from The Time Traveler's Wife and Sam from Shiver. I re-read them just to spend more time with them, but no, it's not the same. *le sigh*. I feel that way about my characters too, I am having so much trouble moving on from my last book right now, it's awful!

  3. MBee: I love when there is a series as well!Wen: I feel the same about my own characters. Sometimes they are hard to shake.

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