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Just Because…

As I sit here, I have no idea what I’m doing. I don’t even know if what I write is any good, but I’m compelled to do it. Except for a one-time stint in my college newspaper and an entry in a short-fiction writing contest many years ago, I had never publicly shared my work except with a few family and friends until this blog.

So somewhere in the last year or so, I decided that I would like to eventually test the publication waters, but I’m finding that those waters are pretty deep and I would represent only a tiny drop of what’s out there. There are all sorts of things that I’m learning about. Like how hard it is to even get anyone to look at your work and that you should be prepared for rejection after rejection. Or, how many writers have turned to self-publishing because of the latter statement, but that is even difficult. I have even learned that some of my favorite authors who have been on the NY Times Bestsellers List several times over started out as self-published writers, selling their first books literally out of the trunks of their cars. Sure, they’re successful now, but look how long it took.

So, from the looks of things, I have been living under a rock about this whole “getting published” thing. I guess I should have did my homework before getting my hopes up and thinking my “stories” were any different than anybody else’s. I should have realized that there are thousands of others out there that have the same dream and the same ambition as I do.

Will all of this discourage me from writing? Probably not. I’ve been doing it since I was six. Just for fun. Not to get published. Not for anybody’s approval. Not for money. Just because. So I will certainly continue to put the things I see in my head down on paper and let them transform into a story. And maybe that’s the key. Maybe I shouldn’t stress myself over whether I will or will not get published. Maybe I should still write like I was six. Just for fun…just because.

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"The Encirclement of Love"

You grasp it—and hold it.

Caress it—and fondle it.

Then, you wonder why go

through it.

It hurts you—and saddens you.

Tires you—and runs you.

Then, you ponder how to go

through it.

It has power—and dignity.

Fortitude—and magnitude.

Then, you wish to go

through it.

They grasp you

—hold you

—caress you

—fondle you.

And you hurt them

—sadden them

—tire them

—run them.

Then, you know you’ve been

through it.

Copyright © 2010-2014 – Melissa Kinnel

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Release…and Breathe…and Release!

I tried hard not to be bored today. Lord knows, I tried!! But I just couldn’t shake the feeling.  That’s how it is sometimes. You just wake up and catch the “feeling” and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. Then you find yourself doing boring things that just add up to more boredom.
I was off today and didn’t do too much of anything. I’m not even sure if I have the mindset to work on my novel.  I did post a few of my poems that I hope you guys will enjoy.  Just don’t know if I’m feeling my novel today.  Sometimes I get that way.  I will take a little break from my WIP and brainstorm on something else.  Kind of like a release. Then I’ll go back to my main project and fall in love with it all over again. I guess that’s what I’m doing right now with this blog post…releasing!!
So, hopefully, I can pull myself out of this…this…THING and do some seriousness on my WIP!
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